Marianna Holoway

European Designer Marianna Holoway to Reveal Vegas Style Nightclub


 Back Bay, MA August 14, 2014:European designer Marianna Holoway, president of ARCON Design, has teamed up with nightclub owners, Boston Leco to create, “Candibar”.  The imaginative designer is about to unleash her upscale nightclub creation, in Back Bay’s theatrical district on Tremont Street on September 16th.The city of Boston will soon be exposed to a vibrant Vegas style nightclub that delivers sophistication aimed to stimulate, rejuvenate and satiate unlike anything the city has ever witnessed before.

The new stylish nightclub formally known as “Underbar”, now renamed “Candibar”, will feature her ECO friendly and LED lighting concept sure to provide an innovative nightlife experience. In a time when efficiency, environment friendly and refinement are in vogue, Candibar will lead the way in nightclub entertainment. From the music decibel, to the liquids behind the bar, nightclubs have never had a reputation for being particularly ECO & energy efficient until now.

Marianna Holoway
Marianna Holoway

Candibar will be the first ECO efficient nightclub in Boston in a surrealistic design perspective. The new innovative RGB LED lights will illuminate over 1.2 million colors with amazing shapes and forms that have the ability to change every second transforming the club into a avant-garde nightlife environment that will challenge guests’ sense of perception and reality at every turn. Candibar is poised to reinvent nightlife for all of Boston creating an impression of Sin City.

Exceptional custom-made Marianna Holoway designed furniture inspired from Salvador Dalí’s 1937 Mae West lips sofa, custom-made romantic heart stools and tables illuminating lights that create a magnificent venue. Chain curtains replaced the walls so while entering you realize that the bar itself is a lighting object, where RGB LED lights give every second a whole new vision, leaving nothing is static…everything inside is on the go.

A new state-of-the-art DJ booth offers huge sound with an underground feel. It’s a DJ’s utopia that will demand elite DJ’s worldwide. Whenever making a drop you can feel it…it’s spaciousness with a new solid floor allowing the DJ to dance and jump all around with enhanced consoles sturdy enough for the DJ to ascend on top of the decks. Superior visual monitors engulf the booth while lighting technicians are directly behind the DJ informing you when something great is about to happen.

The VIP room has been modernized that assembles above the rest of the club offering exclusivity but still feeling the grandeur of the dance floor. New custom designed luxurious disco lounge couches, crystal lighting LED RGB lighting on the ceiling, eye lighting RGB patterns on the wall and round ball shaped LED tables that convenes directly beside the DJ booth contributing to an energizing connection. The final touch of the designer was a huge video screen display on the wall matching the special digital lighting on the ceiling creating an evening of unsurpassed entertainment anywhere in Boston. The European designer has left no stone unturned in her first project within the United States.


Contact: Marianna HolowayARCON Design, LLCPhone 857- 277-3125Email: 435 Beltzville DrivePO Box 303Kresgeville, PA 18333
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