Getting Physically fit in Monaco


by B.Gusarev


I am fairly new to Monaco, but so far it is a much more dynamic place than I would have imagined. The Principality is only 2 kilometers squared, with roughly 38,000 residents. 

 Therefore, it’s more of a village than a city, yet it is still home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. The main languages are officially French, Italian and English, but with a large influx of people from Russia and the Ukraine, Russian is becoming more and more important to learn.

 People always picture Monaco as a place of glamour – a playground for the rich and famous, which I cannot deny. However, Monaco also enjoys a small, but powerful business environment, particularly in the areas of real estate, private banking, hedge funds, hospitality and yachting. In addition, Monaco is home to an internationally accredited university, an IB school, a number of conferences, galas, balls and famous sporting events throughout the year, which all add to the global flavour of the community.

 At the moment there is a lot of construction taking place in and around the heart of Monte-Carlo (or Casino Square), but this is still a spot that must be visited during your stay in Monaco. It is a runway for beautiful people and extravagant cars, so I advise to have a glass of rosé on the patio of Café de Paris and take it all in.

 Health And Fitness 

 The climate in the Côte d’Azur is ideal for people who love to be outdoors. There is no shortage of sunshine that makes the many hiking trails and beaches in the area a perfect way to spend the weekend. At the Monte-Carlo Country Club you can also enjoy squash or tennis and if you are lucky, you may even see a pro or two training on the courts. Actually, health trends are just starting to infiltrate into Monaco. You can often see groups practicing yoga, pilates or even going for a run along the port. This is why I thought it was a perfect time to bring Electronic Muscle Stimulation Training to the Monaco.

 EMS Training

 EMS Training, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation has been around since the 1970s and continues to be used by physiotherapists and medical centres across Europe. It has recently gained popularity within the fitness market because it offers incredible results in a short amount of time. Individuals wear a special wetsuit that covers the largest muscle groups. 

 The suit is attached to a control panel that is operated by the personal trainer. The trainer can alter settings to stimulate different areas of the body, ensuring the best results in a shorter period of time. Actually, each session is just 20 minutes long and should only be completed two times per week max. EMS Training can help you build strength, lose fat and cellulite in a very fun and customized way.

 Training can be done at the port or privately in the homes of our clients. If you are curious, come by and check us out!

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