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Discovering new artistic horizons all over the world without leaving its home sweet home ? It is the bet launched by Anastasia Chevel, a dynamic French self-made-woman of 33 years, the foundress of Arty Color Gallery, an online art gallery focused on the international contemporary art. The concept ? Represent (almost) exclusively artists of the whole world, and the contemporary art in all its diversity.


At the origin of Arty Color Gallery, there is a journey, meetings with fascinating artists, and then there is a foundress Anastasia Chevel, a 33-year-old entrepreneur, daughter of professional artists, who envolved in a cultural universe where art, music, dance and literature had a preponderant place.

« During a journey, I had the opportunity to meet artists extremely talented and recognized in their country but totally unknown elsewhere, in particular in Europe. These meetings served as prelude to the launch of the project of an online art gallery off the beaten track, eclectic and arty, which will emphasize the international contemporary creation in all its globality and its diversity, and will make discovering to collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary art the talent of painters and photographers of the entire world, young emergent talents solid value for tomorrow as fashionable artists enjoying an established fame » the foundress says.

After coming back, Anastasia Chevel launches out alone in this entrepreneurial adventure and founded the website of contemporary art sales in 2015, with the desire to combine the opportunity of the development of the new technologies, to the discovery and the highlight of the creativity of international artistic Talents.

When interviewing the foundress about the Arty Color Gallery’s position in regards to the current French online art market, Anastasia Chevel explains in these terms : « Today, the main part of the French online art market is focused ont the French artistic creation and represents few foreign artists. Arty Color Gallery differs by being an online gallery 100% international, with the purpose to represent all the world contemporary artistic diversity.


Currently, Arty Color Gallery collaborates with more than 50 emerging and established exclusive artists from all corners of the world and 30 different nationalities, and more than 500 original and exclusive artworks on sale between 300 and 95 000 euros, classified by technique, by format and by theme, which it is possible to visualize in the wall of a virtual room, and to acquire in a click, then to be delivered in France and in 46 countries worldwide.
The website is translated into 6 languages, and Anastasia Chevel proposes online assistance to advise his customers in the choice of the works, as well as a monthly newsletter to have them informed about the novelties, the exclusive portraits of artists and the latest trends of contemporary art.

To the question concerning the editorial line and the choice of the artists, Anastasia Chevel says : « I founded Arty Color Gallery in an approach of total artistic opening to the world without in priori, nor prejudices. The artists are obviously strictly selected and the gallery striving for artistic excellence, originality and diversity. My feeling, my felt of the current tendencies of the contemporary art guide me in the choice of the artists and the artworks.
A surprising artistic approach, an innovative pictorial technique, a work which carries an invaluable secret, opens a line of thought, which suggests, without revealing, the charm of the mystery and the imperceptible, attracts me and define my preferences.
Creating a bridge of emotion, a divine connection between an artwork and its buyer, is the ultimate purpose of my gallery owner’s vocation, what I believe, and which gives meaning in what I’m doing.”


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