Opportunity Social Network

Intending to take advantage of a business niche related to the web and currently absent in the area (thanks to Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni’s idea), in October 2015, the Principality of Monaco’s first social network’s beta online version began.  At the end of November 2016, having verified the correct functioning of software and infrastructure, the current version was released. It is thus a fully functional and proven product.

Generally, Monte-Carlo is associated with prestige, luxury and distinction, but the Principality is above all a natural word class business centre which attracts potential high grade advertisers.Thanks to adequate logistics, connections with the area are also useful for the social network’s promotion. Advertising the Principality’s events gives greater global visibility to the website.

Opportunity is accessible to users from all corners of the world, who are seeking an alternative to what is currently available in the field of social networks. The social network is notable for being especially glamourous, sporty and enterprising, offering both the highest levels of security and privacy available. Currently, the platform is a web application and for practical use a notification app is available for iOS or Android.

Using either, registration is free:  direct connection through data insertion or immediate access via a Facebook account. By use of an algorithm capable of monitoring user interaction, each action is given a specific virtual value. Operating on the basis of a “loyalty program”, the mechanism makes the network more interesting and fun to use.  Through virtual points one can perceive the “value” that his/her own actions generate, this encourages users to insert interesting, quality contents which naturally contrast with the marked “content crisis”, typical of most social networks.

Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni

Currently, it acts as a further stimulus to “loyalty” through prizes, which even if not retrieved, shows the importance given to time spent by the user. Unlike most start-ups, and before researching and developing the commercial aspects of our project, we have favoured a policy based on growth and development which has given a finished product. The important resources invested have, in a brief period of time, facilitated an ever-increasing important number of users and Accounts, interested in the sole local platform which promotes activities and events related to Monte-Carlo and the Riviera through a social network. Consequently, via commercial and marketing operations, important financial returns will be achieved.

Opportunity is managed by Monaco Opportunity Network Sarl, this company was specifically set up by the project creators for this purpose. The company that owns Opportunity is fully financed by founding shareholders who are residents of the Principality of Monaco.

Web:  https://opportunity.mc