“For the Monte-Carlo boutique we drew inspiration from the elegance, luxury and charm of the city itself. We like the idea that those who enter the shop feel immersed in the glamourous atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur: a magical place, a holiday destination renowned the world over. And we are delighted to continue our Grand Tour here”.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

“To design a place fitting for Dolce&Gabbana and their “jet set” clientele in the Principality of Monaco is to create a paradise of opulence and exclusivity. I started by defining sharp, crisp, pure geometric spaces, then lined their surfaces with contrasting rich polished pink quartz stone, black marble, and vast planes of beveled mirrors to produce a luminous effervescent architectural orchestra of reflections… it’s magical, a triumph of beauty” .

Eric Carlson

Just a stone’s throw from the sea, in one of the most symbolic places of the Principality of Monaco, Dolce&Gabbana is opening a boutique for Men and Women in Monte-Carlo. Close to the famous Casino and Café de Paris, the space is a self-contained world of sophistication, luxury and fine tailoring.

Conceived expressly for the city, the boutique is designed by Eric Carlson of the Carbondale studio in Paris. Occupying a total surface of 800 square metres on three levels, the shop’s structure and furnishings create a unique experience, combining Dolce&Gabbana’s unmistakable elegance and style with the glamorous atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur.

The lower floor, accessed from Avenue de la Madone, is dedicated to the Women’s Ready to Wear, Evening, Accessories and Fine Jewellery collections. The space unfolds to create a dynamic spiralling effect that draws the observer’s eye to the centre, like James Bond’s cope. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered in black Marquina marble with bands of pink quartz disposed in a circular pattern, generating a vortex pattern.

The late-19th-century furnishings are neo-baroque in style, with ample mirrors, volutes and pink velvet chairs from Italy.

Ascending a gilded spiral staircase, one reaches the intermediate floor of the boutique, featuring the Sartoria and Fine Jewellery collections for Men. At the centre of the area are additional items from the Women’s Ready to Wear and Fine Jewellery collections.

The detailing of the Men’s area is in figured redgum wood and gold-coloured velvet, while that of the Women’s area is in brass and pink velvet. The flooring of the entire level is in black Marquina marble with islands of pink quartz in the Women’s section, and the ceiling is almost entirely mirrored. Other furnishings include Victorian mahogany chairs, a sofa in gilded wood and pink velvet in the central area, and a 19-century Venetian gueridon made from walnut in the baroque style.

The upper level, dedicated to bags, shoes and accessories, is characterised by two ample display windows on the Boulevard des Moulins, with access to the boutique. In front of the entrance there is a baroque console and mirror. Again, the floor and walls are in black marble and pink quartz with darker, irregular veining. The ceiling is mirrored and the furniture is, in keeping with the rest, in baroque style.


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