International Philanthropy Summit 2018

VENUE:              Auditorium Rainier III, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

DATE:                  15 February 2018


The summit assembles distinguished philanthropists to review the philanthropic action. It recognizes the diversity of talent, ideas and excellence across the world of philanthropy and drives public attention to social responsibility of wealthy individuals and luxury brands. The event gives thought-provoking programming and invaluable networking.  The primary goal of the event is to share philanthropic experience and shape some sort of global philanthropic agenda.



From 11.00 to 15.30 – Discussions

Session 1: How Private Wealth Can Fill Public Gaps? Charity, Philanthropy & Social Investment

Session 2: How Celebrities & Luxury Brands Work to Save Natural Resources and Improve the Livelihoods and Education of the Most Vulnerable and Unprotected People?

Session 3:  What Are the Key Trends in Philanthropy? Philanthropy is much than money donation, its strategic and visionary action focused on rebuilding and making change,— policy, laws, education, culture, media, etc.


From 18.00 –  Evening Reception

The Philanthropists of the Year Awards:

Commitment to Positive Change

Outstanding Contribution to Charity

Support for Culture, Education and the Arts

Special guests and speakers will be announced shortly.

 The event is organized by Luxury Briefing and Prime Report, authoritative reviews of luxury industry and public affairs, respectively, with support of private non-profit foundations.

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