New digital video show, Yacht Life, Love the Ocean ® 游艇生活热爱海洋” introduces luxury yachting culture and ocean preservation to China

House Films, the Co. which produced the first Chinese reality show in the US “Quest USA 大挑战”and the first international reality show in China “Quest China 大挑战” starts production on a new digital lifestyle show “Yacht Life” introducing yacht culture to China’s upscale and HNW viewers who have followed their content about food, wine and luxury lifestyle over the years. In addition to featuring luxury yachting culture, the show will highlight the importance of preserving our ocean ecosystem, an important message to all their viewers in China.

Ric DiIanni, Executive Producer at House Films®, said, “With the second biggest economy in the world, China produces 2 new billionaire families per month, yet yachting culture has not taken hold in the way most predicted it would. We’re excited to be able to show our upscale and HNW Chinese fans what yachting is all about. It’s not about status, but about the freedom to go to the most beautiful places in the world, surrounded by the people you love to be with.”

Producer/host Sarah Zhang 张晓文wants to raise awareness of the importance of the oceans to our survival on the planet and will highlight that by featuring organizations working to preserve the oceans. Sarah says “It’s important that we raise awareness of these issues in China among consumers, as no efforts to protect our oceans will be successful without China on board”.

The first 3 episodes of the show were shot on location at the Royal Phuket Marina in Thailand with Royal Phuket Marina providing location support as well as access to their luxury yacht for the production.

The themes of the first 3 episodes include “Thai Fashion” highlighting local fashions and jewelry, with special guest Thai fashionista and Laila Jewelry Co-founder Maya Goldman; “Ocean Preservation” featuring David Martin, top wildlife documentary filmmaker, diver and cofounder
of Thai-based NGO, Oceans For All; “Luxury Marina Living” featuring the Royal Phuket Marina and an up-close and personal interview with legendary yachting entrepreneur Gulu Lalvani, the Chairman of the Royal Phuket Marina.

The show’s sponsors include Odeep, a luxury French water brand, fresh water from the deep ocean and ORIS, a luxury Swiss watch brand. The first episode of the Yacht Life show is scheduled to be online in Mid-Nov.; videos will be available on Youku, iQiyi, Sohu and other video platforms in China.

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House Films – a leading digital video and media Co. based in Shanghai, China. Popular shows produced by House Films include “Quest USA,大挑战”,”Quest China 大挑战“Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家”,“Dinning with David and Sarah/与David 和Sarah 进餐” and others.

Sarah Zhang – lifestyle KOL, lifestyle show producer/host and digital marketing expert; producer and host of Connoisseur, China’s top wine show and other popular lifestyle shows.

Royal Phuket Marina – Royal Phuket Marina is a distinguished world-class destination combining luxury waterfront living with a state-of-the-art marina. Royal Phuket Marina is the first and only marina in Thailand to receive a 5 Golden Anchor Award and International Clean Marina Certification.

The video will start in Chinese with English subtitles and will then continue in English. This is the first part of the series “Yacht Life, Love the ocean”