Oksana Tishchenko – a personal description of her art

For me, the creation process is an incredible symbiosis of my love, energy and magical properties of resin! This is an incredible dance and music and feelings, I completely immerse myself in the process and give myself to the flow of interaction!

An incredible feeling when a transparent liquid turns into a beautiful piece of interior that carries my energy and love!

I use high quality eco-friendly resin to create my products. At the first stage, the selection of color pigments for the composition, preparation of the necessary tools and forms. Then I mix the pigments with the resin and begin the pouring process into the mold. I introduce resin and different colors layer by layer, setting the movement of each layer and giving direction to the gold particles. To activate the properties of the resin, I change the temperature and add gold pigments to create a pattern on the top layer. Resin has a powerful property and in the process of polymerization, the drawing I have given takes on bizarre shapes, imitating a cut in a stone or a fantastic flower!

At the end of polymerization (about 48 hours), I take the product out of the molds and proceed to finishing. Necessary grinding and polishing of the edge of the product.
And finally, I cover the side line with gold or silver. After complete drying of the coating, also about 48 hours, the product takes on a finished look!

Each product is unique and created not only for interior decoration, but also used for its intended purpose. These are coasters for perfumes, jewelry, cups, wine glasses and various interior items. Products are exclusive and have no analogues.The resin will never let you repeat the previous drawing. Each new product is possible to create an absolutely unique miracle!

Photos by Oksana Tishchenko

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