Trent Report JOOP! Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015


“Metropolitan Nomad” is the motto of the new JOOP! 2015 Fall/Winter collection.

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The story of the collection focuses on the lifestyle that city people like the JOOP! woman live in such
a deliberate way – finding modern oases of calm to balance out her hectic daily routine. She uses
these special locations to while away the time and to relax. In doing so she puts new demands on her
clothing: no matter what the occasion, she always wants to be wearing the perfect outfit. With its
modern and flexible styles that can be combined in numerous ways, the new JOOP! collection is
designed to meet exactly these needs – so that you can dress your best at every time and in every

In the coming Fall/Winter collection, knit and fleece qualities play an important role, as do prints and
small patterns. These complement the wool patterns and high-end jacquards – especially in the coat
and outdoor wear ranges – and lend a modern nonchalance to the pieces.
Black and blue denims appear in new washes and exhibit a wide variety with their flock and
embroidery appliqués.
Comfort and the effortlessness that is typical of JOOP! are also important factors in the manufacture:
in this way blazers, pants, skirts and dresses are highlighted with flowing and elastic qualities, as well
as mini jacquard qualities, providing a touch of glamour without being too intense.
Along with silk, light cotton and viscose qualities offer the perfect starting point for an effortless and
classy look when it comes to blouses.
Flowery prints show their versatility and are enhanced with dots and rings. On silk and viscose, they
complement the soft dressing range.

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Soft, peaceful and elegant colours result in a harmonious colour picture and fit the casual collection
perfectly. The base colour of dark blue (blue graphite) and the light khaki shade “Dune” make a new,
fresh statement thanks to the use of a warm and gentle light blue (blue blush) and a soft winter white
Naturals shades too, like the warm beige shade “biscotti” and gentle grey perfectly complement the
nude shade “Rose” and the reddish “Masala”.

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Relaxed nonchalance is the order of the day for the coming Fall/Winter 2015 and it underpins the
feminine form language of the new collection. Harem pants are still an important part of the JOOP!
Womenswear collection – always effortless and of course they perfectly suit the wintery city look.
Layerings with mullet styles, boxy jackets, knits and flowy blouses are combined in a modern way
with skinny jeans or classy jog Pants.