Fairmont Monte Carlo

(c) Photos Hotel Fairmont

In 1929, in Paris, was born the Association des Clefs d’Or; it is then at the Carlton in Cannes on April 26th, 1952 that is formed the Union Nationale des Concierges d’Hôtels, the first international organization grouping nine countries (France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom). Today she is represented by approximately 3.400 members in more than 50 countries but it is with pride that the French term “Concierge” is still used everywhere worldwide!

On April 25th of every year are decorated the new members: last Tuesday evening, during the 65th anniversary of the association which took place at the Petite Maison restaurant in Nice, 7 new Concierges received this important distinction. Among them, two coming from the hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo were recognized for their excellent knowledge of the country, for their big passion and sense of service: Mathieu ADELAIDE, sponsored by the Clef d’Or Cafiero Canestrelli (of the Hôtel de Paris) and Rino Alzetta (of the FMC) as well as Aurélien CATHAGNE, sponsored by the Clef d’Or Felipe Rodrigues (Negresco hotel) and Stéphane Bellon (of the FMC). The Clefs d’Or are privileged observers of any new trend as well as the evolution of the modes and the styles proper to every nationality: this allows them to give wise advice to the hotel guests before their arrival, to organize effectively their upcoming visit.

As says it so well the Clefs d’Or President of France, Thierry Revel, “despite the evolution of the new technologies which upset regularly the habits of the Concierge profession, nothing will ever replace knowledge, reactivity, availability and especially the human contact which is our main strength“.