The Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair

Bamberger Kunst- und Antiquitätenwochen
23. Juli – 23. August 2019

The Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair runs simultaneously with the famous Bayreuth Wagner Opera Festival.
Shops and galleries are located in listed baroque buildings (4000 square metres of exhibition
space) offering a broad spectrum of national and international art and antiques spanning seven centuries.

In addition there are ancillary events organized during the fair: exclusive tours of the Bamberg Cathedral; specialized lectures; concerts in Weissenstein Palace, Pommersfelden; and fascinating talks by the antique dealers.

Enjoy the sound of a more then 235 years old piano. Pianist Katharina Königsfeld.
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(c) Senger Kunsthandel Bamberg

Further antique dealers are: (names are linked to the websites)

Silber Kontor Heiss
Glaserie Pusch
Kunstauktionshaus Schlosser
Hauptmann Antiquitäten
Antiquariat Lorang

All antiques are suitable for growth investments.

Historical Piano (Fortepiano)
David Roentgen & Peter Kinzing

Neuwied, circa 1785
Constructional parts: Oak, mahogany veneered with
mahogany, gilt brass fittings detachable legs.

Keyboard niche: Mahogany veneer, palisander (rose wood), pear- and tulip wood inlays, signed in India ink: “Roentgen et Kinzing. à Neuwied sur le Rhin.”

Height 81.5 cm, width 160 cm, depth 71 cm


From the personal possession of Queen Maria Carolina of
Naples and Sicily (1752-1814), proven by a painting from the 1780s, which depicts the Queen playing this piano.

Paris around 1820

Freely positionable, originally fire gilded bronzes. Under the lid is a mount for candles, with a pinecone-shaped knob. Because of the extraordinary fine work and the qualitative bronze applications, the two vases areattributed to Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843).

Height 45,5 cm.

(c) Fotos: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bamberger Kunst- und Antiquitätenhändler
(c) Titelbild Bamberg: Monaco Lifestyle Magazine