World’s most expensive bottle of Gin: €4.700.000,-

Dutch based Skully Gin teamed up with Belgian Jewellery designer Jochen Leën and Granada Gallery (Tucson, Arizona) to create the worlds most expensive bottle of gin.

Holding a 65.17 carat Paraíba Tourmaline in a white gold setting, this unique bottle is valued at € 4,700,000.-

 Jochen Leën & Granada Gallery

 Investing in top quality, rare gemstones, Belgian jewellery designer Jochen Leën creates true contemporary works of art. Only Nature’s best and rarest gemstones are used in one of a kind jewellery designs, making them small objects of desire and future family heirlooms.

Jochen Leën and Granada Gallery work closely together to combine geological treasures and jewellery. Part of their collection can been seen in Tucson Arizona at the Granada Gallery.

 Skully Art Collection

The 4.7 million Euro Jochen Leën bottle was created as part of the Skully Art Collection. 13 international artists created works of art based on the 4.5 liter Skully rehoboam bottle. Most artpieces were limited to 13 each, with the exception of the Jochen Leën bottle which is a piece unique.

Skully Gin

Skully Gin, established in 2015, produces their 4 different flavours of Gin in the Netherlands: the country where gin originated from.

Apart from the Cocktail and Gin-Tonic scene, the brand also focusses on food-pairing and culinary innovations. Several Michelin-star restaurants already use Skully Gin in their recipes. Especially the unique ‘Smooth Wasabi’ flavor is loved by many chefs.

You can download the full presskit and high-res pictures HERE

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