The Vertical Yacht

                                                                Is this tower about to become the most iconic building in the world?

                                   The Vertical Yacht


A proposed Brancusi-shape-inspired tower in Manhattan is on the way to revolutionize the world
of art and architecture


After the series of ultra-slender skyscrapers under construction on the billionaires’ row, New York, near the 57th street and the 6th avenue, a new proposed skyscraper is pushing the boundaries of architecture and design even further


George Lucian, responsible for the exterior, together with Hannah Hombergen, who designed the interior, a team of young designers, propose a skyscraper design to complete the future skyline of Manhattan, trying to create probably one of the most iconic future buildings in the world


       The envisioned location of the building is just a suggestion of the design team


      Height: 450 meters, Floors: 60


      The exterior is inspired by one of the sculptures of the world-renowned Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, whose permanent exhibition is just a couple of streets away at the MOMA NY


Covered in copper/bronze/terracotta and similar look-alike materials, the building would offer
dramatic views at each sunset


It is designed to be a residential building, offering the highest level of luxury and exclusivity for the
future owners


The Vertical Yacht, the name of the building, is drawn from the shape of the building but also from its interiors which are inspired from the interiors of super yachts, creating a special and ultra-luxurious atmosphere and lifestyle for its residents


Each of the envisioned apartments, as seen in the interior images, would offer a 360-degree view over the skyline of New York, including the Central Park


George Lucian is a designer-artist, based in Nice and Monaco, whose futuristic yacht concepts are published all over the world


Hannah Hombergen is an established interior super yacht designer, involved in the design of some of the world‘s largest yachts built recently





George Lucian

Instagram: georgelucian_


Hannah Hombergen

Instagram: hannahsahra


Main exterior rendering:

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