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Required: free registration (only name/username and email adress). First register, then you receive a confirmation
e-mail. If you already have an account just login.

You must select a package from the subscription page in order to publish your message. Please complete the adress details
and your billing adress beforehand in your account.

With the packages, you can publish your press releases, your offers (e.g. artists, hotels, companies) and much more information
for up to one year for just € 199 (+ VAT). Unlimited publications in the choosen time frame.

This news will also be available for our news agency, which will start in a few months and will provide bloggers,
journalists and media with information.

The subscription page looks like this:















Now you can start to fill out the form with the data you want transmit. The page for your press release or your
article looks like this:

Here you can also insert images into the text section. Please make sure that the images are not too large, so that your
post will load quickly. If you have any questions or suggestions for extensions, you can ask them here.


Free press release or publication:

Required: free registration (only name/username and email adress), post title, featured image, text max. 100 words.
Visible in “Marketplace”.
First register, then you receive a confirmation e-mail. Login your account and setup your publishing. If you have an
account, just login and go on with publishing.

After sending the contribution you will receive an email, after verification your contribution will be activated.

The page looks like this:



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